Change Da Shame Mini Expo

Developed by Mental Heath Students

On November 28-30th last month, the “Change Da Shame” Mini Expo kicked o at the Waterford Plaza.

Change Da Shame was developed to help bring awareness to bringing down the barriers of stigma, shame and silence.

The fundamental principles encourage community members to talk about their problems, tell someone how they feel about concerning issues that contribute to their health and start the journey of their heal healing processes.


Shame is the biggest factor that stops us from taking the vital rst steps to better mental health. The expo was an initiative designed by our Mental Health Students and took many months of planning to bring these mental health concepts to fruition.

“We’ve just wrapped up the expo and I’m really proud of the Diploma of Mental Health students for 2017. I call them the magnificent seven for obvious reasons (there are only 7 in the class) and they have done an incredible job putting this expo together through collaboration and detailed planning. They have worked together since the start of their Diploma in July and the work they have accomplished is nothing short of outstanding!” – Tania O’Dea, Educator.

Change Da Shame Broome

Diploma of Mental Health (CHC43315) Student Priscilla McKenzie takes “Change Da Shame” Mini Expo in Broome.

Change Da Shame Mini Expo Broome
Developed by Mental Health Students

Promoting and engaging in the community to talk about reducing the stigma of mental health was a huge success last week. We would like to thank BRAMS (Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service) and the community for supporting this worthy and much needed cause.