Having fun with different ways of learning

The terminology used in HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing, and across the health sector, can create challenges in becoming comfortable with using and remembering the words and ideas about how the body works, and the consequences of different behaviours on the body systems.

The Nursing team at Marr Mooditj brings some fun and creativity into the classroom to help students learn about body systems, and when students enjoy what they are learning it sticks. We get very creative with our learning styles and create stories about the body system, so our student can recall information more easily and have fun while learning.

diabetes-terminologyOnce upon a time there was a girl named Food. Food was a very lovable girl, everyone loved her and always wanted her around.
One day Food decided to go visit her grandmother who lived in Stomach Valley.
On her arrival in Stomach Valley Food disappeared. Her grandmother informed the Pancreas PD, who sent out Insulin as a search party.
Along the way the Insulin team helped a family of glucose who were locked out of their car.
The Insulin team unlocked the car, and the glucose family were able to go on their way to cell city.
Food was never heard of again!