Gaining Valuable Skills Through Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Language involves being able to contextualise writing appropriately, speak articulately, pronounce difficult words, and listen and synthesise information, think critically and communicate in a way that enables efficient communication.

Literacy encompasses so much more than merely being able to read and write. Numeracy skills include manipulating and making sense of a range of numerical and graphical information, which includes basic arithmetic (working with numbers), measurement and problem solving.

students-working-on-literacy-issues-in-the-computer-lab-with-karen-toigo-lln-educatorLLN skills are complex, wide-ranging and essential to personal and academic development. Our students are shown the value these skills can have in aiding their studies and developing their careers. With this in mind, we support and promote our students LLN development in different and meaningful ways. We boost students’ LLN skills in several ways including in-class contextualised LLN support (Team teach approach: Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills), individual tutoring, lunchtime LLN workshops and in-class workshops.

Students are also provided with a range of relevant resources to assist them with their studies, e.g. “Little Punctuation Book” and “Essential Numeracy Skills Revision” etc. Alongside this study, we work closely with students as they prepare for employment. Since cover letters, resumes and selection criteria statements require a high quality of writing our LLN team explicitly support students in their writing to ensure a ‘deadly’ application that captures the attention of any potential employers.

As we know LLN skills drive success and confidence in our students, we value and promote LLN every day. The most important thing is that our students understand that LLN is linked strongly to learning – we cannot separate it. For this very reason, we set students up for their future when we identify, support and extend their LLN skills. When you hear the terms Language, literacy and numeracy or ‘LLN’, remember that we are all continuously developing skills sets that are complex, wide-ranging and essential to our personal and academic development.