NAIDOC Celebrations

NAIDOC Celebrations at the Waterford Plaza

My name is Kathryn Bowie and I am a Prac Placement Officer at Marr Mooditj. On July 1st a team of us from Marr Mooditj attended the NAIDOC Celebrations at Waterford Plaza.

I attended the event with a few staff and a student from the Certificate IV Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice (HLT40213) course.

daniel-riches-at-waterford-plazaOne of the highlights for me was seeing our student Jaeleigh Thorne conducting blood pressures on the community members. She was very competent and connected well with each person she engaged. She did an amazing job!

Guests could clearly see that Jaeleigh is a student utilising key primary health care skills and enjoying herself! In speaking with a few of the curious community members, there were a few who could imagine themselves in her role. This alone helped showcase the potential that the opportunity is right there for anyone willing to take the program on.

The music provided a wonderful atmosphere, which was preformed by members of Abmusic and I also quite enjoyed the Aboriginal dance group who preformed for us all as well.

It was a wonderful day, and I do hope we get to meet with prospective students this way again. The event was highly engaging and I felt a sense of pride in showcasing Marr Mooditj Training to the public.

NAIDOC Family Day, Ashfield Reserve, Bassendean

This year Mark Waters, Primary Health Care Educator, and I had the honour of representing Marr Mooditj training at the Ash eld Reserve as part of the NAIDOC Week events.

It was really impressive to seeing how many of the community members attended the event and took the time to share stories with us. Mark and I were answering questions around upcoming training course availability and telling prospective students (and curious people) what we both enjoy best from our jobs, particularly what makes Marr Mooditj such a special and unique place to work and learn.

We also had a few students with us on the day and they all had a fabulous time engaging with the community. Some of them took blood pressure readings while others talked to people about a health survey we had available for the community to fill out. It was quite a good conversation starter!

All in all, the day was quite successful. We were able to connect with people of all ages and raise awareness for the importance of training and education for Aboriginal people. We had a lot of fun yarning and joking with everyone that came into our area and hope to be out representing Marr Mooditj again next year!

NAIDOC Celebration Day, Armadale

Hey everyone, this is Yebble from Marr Mooditj and I attended the NAIDOC Armadale event. There were so many great highlights I don’t even know where to start!

Well, first I should comment on the fact that there was some awesome live music and entertainment by Aboriginal artists. You wouldn’t need to go through the day hungry as there was also a delicious, free sausage sizzle. The smell was heaven! The atmosphere was really buzzing and positive – such a great day. At the Marr Mooditj booth we received a lot of questions about the kinds of support we offer for our students, such as creche and resume workshops to name a few.

There were also plenty of conversations around the different training paths each student could take. It was great to meet other community organisations who were at the NAIDOC event to network and share what we do. There’s a chance that some of these new acquaintances will partner with us in the future.