2018 Marr Mooditj Open Day


The much-anticipated 2018 Open Day event held at Marr Mooditj took place on Friday the 19th of January. The sunny start to the day made for the perfect atmosphere for the community to come out, play and enjoy the outdoor activities we offered.

This year our Open Day was designed to bring awareness to the local community surrounding the training programs we offer, network and connect with everyone on a fun filled day for all to enjoy.

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Nursing Educator Daniel’s Reflection on “Resilience in the name of achievement”


Working within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and education roles over the past 20 years has caused me to ask the questions, “what are the influences that lead our Indigenous Australians to survive, adapt, and overcome in the face of even the most punishing life-stressors”.

If I was to write a book about the amount of ‘Winyan’ (Sad) stories I have heard from students over the years – what they have encountered and still going through – most people would think it belonged in the fiction section of a library.

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Remote Student Travel and Accommodation Support

At Marr Mooditj, 13% of our students enrolled are coming to study from remote locations.

We understand the importance of providing a welcoming and home like environment for our students as they study and so have created travel and accommodation support to make the transition smooth from country to city.

Travel and Accommodation support is provided to remote students under the guidelines of Away from Base (AFB). Each remote student (who must be Abstudy approved) receives assistance with their travel costs, accommodation costs and meals for the duration of each study block.

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Nursing Program Highlights of 2017


This year Marr Mooditj was given o cial accreditation for a new Diploma of Nursing course from the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council. We were also granted registration for a new Diploma of Nursing course from the Training Accreditation Council.

We are also delighted to share with you that there will be 16 students who will be graduating as enrolled nurses this year. We are immensely proud of their achievements. It is no easy feat and these students have proven they have the nurturing skills, compassion and technical drive to succeed in their exciting careers.

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Change Da Shame Mini Expo

Developed by Mental Heath Students

On November 28-30th last month, the “Change Da Shame” Mini Expo kicked o at the Waterford Plaza.

Change Da Shame was developed to help bring awareness to bringing down the barriers of stigma, shame and silence.

The fundamental principles encourage community members to talk about their problems, tell someone how they feel about concerning issues that contribute to their health and start the journey of their heal healing processes.

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Gaining Valuable Skills Through Language, Literacy and Numeracy


Language involves being able to contextualise writing appropriately, speak articulately, pronounce difficult words, and listen and synthesise information, think critically and communicate in a way that enables efficient communication.

Literacy encompasses so much more than merely being able to read and write. Numeracy skills include manipulating and making sense of a range of numerical and graphical information, which includes basic arithmetic (working with numbers), measurement and problem solving.

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Our New Crèche

Crèche team

The crèche facilities being offered to our students has been very active and is a wonderful space to see the children playing and learning while our parent students are in class. Parenting and studying can be quite challenging, and this service provides a solution for families that wouldn’t otherwise be able to study full time. The crèche team has worked tenderly, helping create close bonds with all of the children, and providing them with a safe place to learn and develop new skills.

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Hospitality Certificate II

Hospitality Cert Placement

Our popular SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality has opened up new employment opportunities for our students, particularly those who have not studied before. Since we began offering the qualification in 2016 we have been able to offer this in demand course three times a year. Our educators are highly qualified, with many years of hospitality experience that ensures that students get the very best access to education when they study at Marr Mooditj Training.

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