Real work in Primary Health Care makes a difference for Marr Mooditj Students

Students who enrol for the HLT40213 Certificate IV Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice are required to participate in work placements to gain competency. Students are placed in agencies throughout Western Australia, where they are supervised and provided with the on the job training they require to gain employment as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practitioners.

The Marr Mooditj Training Work Placement Administrators work closely with agencies to arrange placements for students near their homes wherever possible; maintaining contact with students throughout the placement to provide support and encouragement during each placement.

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Having fun with different ways of learning

The terminology used in HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing, and across the health sector, can create challenges in becoming comfortable with using and remembering the words and ideas about how the body works, and the consequences of different behaviours on the body systems.

The Nursing team at Marr Mooditj brings some fun and creativity into the classroom to help students learn about body systems, and when students enjoy what they are learning it sticks. We get very creative with our learning styles and create stories about the body system, so our student can recall information more easily and have fun while learning.

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In the workplace in Mental Health: The Preceptor and The Student Interviews with Yebble Isaacs

Marr Mooditj Training (MMT) works in partnership with a number of community based organisations who support the placements of students within our Mental Health care related courses. One of our key partners who supports our students on placement is St John of God Hospital (SJOG) in particular their service Drug Alcohol Withdrawal Network (DAWN).

Marr Mooditj has been supported by DAWN for a number of years in giving students the opportunity to showcase and apply the knowledge and skills that they have gained within the classroom. As the Work Placement Administrator within the Mental Health programs, I have had the opportunity to meet with Rosalie Kickett, Aboriginal Health and Cultural Worker, SJOG, who was observing our student Cassie Docherty on work placement.

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Welcome to the counselling room

Here is a sneak peek at our latest addition to enhance learning for students at Marr Mooditj Training. Making use of an existing little used spaced in our classroom block Marr Mooditj had added a counselling room adjacent to the classrooms and library.

The room is a private room with noise abating frosted glass walls for privacy, and it is specifically designed to provide mental health students with a room in which they can practice their skills in simulations of counselling and support sessions. The room is set up so that students can also film their practice for self-reflection, analysis and feedback, essential tools in developing high level counselling and support skills. Continue reading

Studying at Marr Mooditj: a student’s perspective

Marr Mooditj students always have something to share about their experiences at our Training Centre. Patricia Dorizzi started with Marr Mooditj at the beginning of this year to study the Certificate IV in Mental Health, which she completed at the end of June. Keen to learn and expand the breadth and depth of her knowledge Patricia is still studying at Marr Mooditj and shares her experience with us here.

I am a Diploma of Mental Health student at Marr Mooditj Training. Marr Mooditj Training offers courses in health such as Primary Health, Counselling, Mental Health and Nursing. Staff members are very helpful and very friendly. In particular, our student placement officer is excellent at finding placements for students. It is a great learning environment. I have really enjoyed being here. Continue reading

Hospitality takes off at Marr Mooditj

Marr Mooditj Training is excited to be offering the Certificate II in Hospitality in 2016.

In class training began in March, with two weeks of workplace safety, hygiene principles, work organisation and communication with lots of skills practice, followed by a short work placement in an aged care facility.

The next step will be a longer supervised work placement at a mining camp, where the students will undertake housekeeping, assistance in the kitchens and servery and general cleaning. Continue reading

Online enrolment goes live

No, it was not an April fool’s prank, online enrolment went live on the Marr Mooditj website at the beginning of April.

Now applicants can choose their course and complete all their details on the single online form that when submitted arrives directly in the Enrolment Officer’s Inbox!

Not only does this offer a quicker process for students, but it also provides an electronic record for both the student and Marr Mooditj, and it allows us to process applications quickly, and provide a more responsive service.

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