Nyoonak Baldja Karlak Koort Wirn translates to “Your United Home, Heart and Spirit”. Tying into these traditional words, this EXPO was developed by KEEDAC as a networking opportunity to help bring the Northam community together.

Robert Indich and Yebble Issacs attended the expo on behalf of Marr Mooditj and came across a broad range of participants and service providers.

It was a fantastic day, that enabled us to see what individuals and organisations are operating in the area and to spend time meeting with members of the public to gauge interest levels in education and health careers.

A major highlight for us both was the welcome to country. It was exceptional!

All of the organisations and individuals were given a platform to introduce themselves formally and then we were all allotted time to network and communicate amongst the attendees and representatives from various local organisations.

By making it known to locals and organisations the types of opportunity that are made available by raising awareness and being out in the community, Marr Mooditj is helping share and encourage connections with prospective students and partnerships with organisations that could potentially offer practical experience for our students in training.

This was a great event that was very well organised by KEEDAC. We really came away from the day with quite a few new connections and are looking forward to the next event in Narrogin.