Real work in Primary Health Care makes a difference for Marr Mooditj Students

Students who enrol for the HLT40213 Certificate IV Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice are required to participate in work placements to gain competency. Students are placed in agencies throughout Western Australia, where they are supervised and provided with the on the job training they require to gain employment as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practitioners.

The Marr Mooditj Training Work Placement Administrators work closely with agencies to arrange placements for students near their homes wherever possible; maintaining contact with students throughout the placement to provide support and encouragement during each placement.

Child and Adolescent Community Health (CACH) is one of the organisations that works closely with us in providing on the job training placements for Primary Health Care students in the Aboriginal Child Health Team (ACHT). Based in Belmont, ACHT is a multidisciplinary team providing quality, evidence-informed, community health services to children from birth to 5 years, and their families. They work from 9 bases across the Perth metropolitan area and deliver the Enhanced Aboriginal Child Health Schedule.

The core service delivery areas of the ACHT are:

  • Enhanced Aboriginal Child Health Schedule
  • Additional Specialist services including:
    • Ear Health Clinics;
    • Ear Health Screening with Primary Schools;
    • Immunisation Services;
    • Child Development Services;
    • Medical Officer’s Clinics; and
    • Health Promotion.

Outside of the metropolitan area ACHT covers 2 CACH zones North and South. There are teams of Community Health Nurses and Health Workers located across each of these areas at various Community Health Centres.

It is only with collaboration on the job training partnerships like this one that real life experience, knowledge and skills will be gained and practised, and good Primary Health Care Practitioners will be grown and nurtured. It is through these partnerships Marr Mooditj Training works with our students and our industry to change lives.